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Costs for your Most Important Day Ever keep stacking up

Trim them down where you can!

Other couples are spending more than $35,000 on their weddings – but you can keep it frugal while still getting everything you want for your special day with our markets!

Don’t give up on your dream wedding just because the price tags are too big. Visit our Marketplaces and see just how much you can save (and then earn!) on decorations, tableware, signage, wedding party attire, and more!

At Wedding Flea Market, your dream wedding is within reach! It’s simple:

Before your wedding

Shop the huge variety of awesome, gently-used wedding items from recent Newlyweds by attending an Event for in-person deals and sales, or shopping the Online Marketplace at any time!


After your wedding

Once your big day is over, you can head right back to our Events or our Online Marketplace to sell the items you don’t plan to keep and help other Soon-To-Be-Newlyweds create their perfect day too!

It’s easy. We offer you two ways to buy, make deals, and save by attending one of our exciting wedding resale events, or visit our Online Peer-to-Peer Marketplace for every day savings!

Getting Married?

Are you getting married and trying to find those special, new or gently used items to stand out at your wedding and want to save money in the process?

Shop for big savings and get beautiful items for a fraction of the cost!

We are from the Steel City and are known locally as The Pittsburgh Wedding Flea Market®.

Attend the Next Market or Shop Online Now!

Happy Newlywed?

Did you recently get married and have an abundance of wedding items sitting around collecting dust and taking up space? Wouldn't it be nice to see a return on some of the money you spent?

Sell your leftover wedding, shower, and bachelorette items to those getting married!

Attend the Next Market or Sell Online Now!

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