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November 26, 2018
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Real Wedding, Real Savings: Andrea and Nile

Bride and Groom

Photo courtesy of Ian Jones Photography

Andrea and Nile Frederick are anything but your typical bride and groom, and we love them for that. After a whirlwind 3 month long engagement, the couple tied the knot in a gorgeous and budget-friendly ceremony at Mingo Park, located in Washington County. Andrea, who hails from outside of Pittsburgh, used Nile’s knowledge of the local area to find a secluded shelter at the park. The gorgeous photo opportunities that surrounded their venue and the idyllic footbridge guests would have to cross, were just a few of the features that influenced their decision to get married there.

When the couple got engaged, they decided to marry soon after, so Andrea knew that they needed to come up with money quickly to pay for their wedding day.

Wedding Decor

Boho lounge area by Vintage Alley Rentals of Pittsburgh

Wedding Day

Ceremony chairs, archway and doors also by Vintage Alley





“I was trying to do it without any debt afterwards, so I ended up working a lot of overtime at work”.






Their theme was Harry Potter and she incorporated actual books and other projects into her decor with recycled pages. She created a banner out of pages for the pavilion that read, “Our saga continues”,  for Niles’ love of Star Wars. Andrea saved money on flowers by holding a bouquet made from folded pages.

When it came to food, they kept their costs down and had an amazing spread! Their wedding catering included a taco bar and a chicken dish made by Simply Baked Co. in Charleroi, PA. Everyone told them later that the taco bar was a huge hit. Who doesn’t love tacos? They used a new photographer which helped them save big.


Wedding Decor

Bridal flowers

Photography by Ian Jones


If you’re curious how much they spent on some of the major items on their wedding day, then we’ve got the breakdown for you. They had 30 guests who attended, so that will give you some perspective on the cost of different aspects of their wedding. We’d like to thank Andrea for sharing the cost of these items to help other brides with their budget-savvy wedding planning.


Here’s Their Budget Breakdown:

  • Simply Baked Company (A 2 tier wedding cake, groom’s cake, 5 dozen cupcakes, 12 dozen cookies and catering which included the taco bar, chicken dish, vegetables and dinner rolls) – $1,100
  • Vintage Alley Rentals (40 chairs, boho lounge, doors and an archway) – $1,100
  • Torrid (Wedding dress) – $60
  • Hair & Makeup (Her friends!) – FREE
  • Shoes (She went barefoot) – FREE
  • Bridesmaid Dresses (Each girl just chose a dress that she already owned) – FREE
  • Pittsburgh Wedding Flea Market Facebook Group (Decor and other items) – $1,500 to $2,000

Andrea was so happy with how everything turned out and the amount of money that they ended up spending.

However, she did have one regret…

“I regret spending so much money on decor. It wasn’t like I ever got married before or knew what to expect so I tried covering EVERY base. Fortunately, I re-sold most of it and I don’t feel like I lost much of the money I spent.”



Andrea and Nile’s wedding is proof that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have a unique and incredible wedding. If you’re creative, and able to think outside of the box, you’ll have no trouble planning a budget-friendly wedding.


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