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7 Unique Ideas for Bridesmaid Gifts Your Girls Will LOVE



Your bridesmaids and maid or matron of honor have helped you survive all of the ups and downs of wedding planning, and the gift that you give them for being in your wedding is a great way to thank them. Many brides choose to give these gifts either the morning of the wedding or just after the rehearsal dinner. Whatever you choose, choose a gift that your girls will cherish for years to come. Your gift will be a great reminder to your bridesmaids of all of the fun you had on your wedding day.


We’ve all received a bridesmaid gift that we didn’t necessarily have any use for, and it ends up getting tossed in the back of our closet or in some other hiding spot. Give your girls something they’ll actually like and you’ll truly be the MVP of your wedding party. Whether you’re giving them something they can use or something they can consume, make it count! The last thing you want is to waste money when you’re already spending enough on your wedding.


When picking a gift for your girls, there are a few things you need to consider. You should be conscious of how many of your bridesmaids are traveling via plane to get home. This will definitely make or break whether you get your girls wine or a large liquid gift. You should also think about and prepare for sizes if you’re going to get a gift that requires a specific size. For instance, if you’re going to get your girls shoes, have your Maid/Matron of honor collect sizes for you beforehand. Don’t forget to consider where each of your girls is located if you decide to get gift cards as your gift. You don’t want to get them a gift card to a spa or store that is nowhere near to where they live.


Here are 7 of our favorite gifts that your bridesmaids are sure to love:


  • A Monogrammed Weekend Bag – We love the idea of a bag that your girls can use to pack for your bachelorette, or just your special day. Give them a place to store their post-ceremony flip-flops, makeup and more when you get them a weekend bag. One of our favorite versions is from SEmbroideredBoutique on Etsy, because their bag appeals to everyone. It comes in vegan leather and is reasonably priced, but looks more expensive than what you pay for it. Give your girls a gift they’ll use all the time, whether to use it when they travel, go to the gym or just need a bag to carry around some extra items. You can get these for your girls at prices range from $30 to $60 on Etsy!


  • An Initial Necklace – What better way to thank your bridesmaids than to get them something they’ll love to wear everyday? These necklaces are a great everyday staple and come in a variety of colors and styles. We love sites like Baublebar & Kate Spade when it comes to getting one of these chic necklaces for your girls. These are a great way to give your girls something special and timeless as a thank you for being there for you. These necklaces tend to range anywhere from $15 on to $60 from Kate Spade or $30 from Baublebar.


  • A Wine & Cheese Basket – Who doesn’t love wine and cheese? However, if you have any lactose-intolerant bridesmaids, you may have to rethink this one but otherwise it’s a sure hit. We love the idea of going to a website like Harry & David and ordering a pre-made wine and cheese basket for each of your girls. These baskets often include wine, cheese, dried fruit and nuts. If you’re crafty and want to save some money, you can make a wine and cheese basket for each of your girls yourself. Visit the Wedding Flea Market to purchase cheap crates or accessories to create a stylish package for your hand-picked wine and cheese selections. If you have girls in your bridal party that aren’t wine or cheese connoisseurs, you can always opt to do a coffee and tea basket instead. You can DIY this and get a local wine from $10 or spend more if you’d like.


  • A Homesick Candle – If your bridal party is coming from all over to be a part of your big day what Bridesmaid giftbetter way to thank them than to give them a Homesick Candle. We LOVE these candles as they’re made in scents to remind folks of “home” wherever that may be. You can go to their website and pick out a special scent/candle for each of your girls to give her a little aromatherapy to enjoy after the wedding! This gift can be especially cute if you get each girl a candle representing the location you met, whether that was college, high school, or at your new job. These are $30 from the Homesick candle website!


  • Polaroid Style Coasters – We love these customizable coasters! You can use your favorite instant photos of you and each of your bridesmaids and give them a set of these chic coasters. Amazon and Asos sells them and they’re ultra affordable. Not only are these a sentimental gift but they’re also something your girls can use everyday after the wedding. These will run you $12 – $20 on sites such as Etsy or Amazon.


  • A Small Photo Scrapbook With Your Favorite Memories With Them – This doesn’t have toBridesmaid Gift be a huge project but it’s very affordable and thoughtful. Get a small photo album with some blank pages and do one page or so for each of your favorite memories. Add photos and write down your favorite inside jokes and more. Leave room at the back of each scrapbook for your bridesmaids to add photos from your bachelorette, wedding day and upcoming events in the future! If you’re not super crafty, you can also make one of these online for about $20 on Shutterfly. If you go the DIY route it can range in cost but you can create a beautiful album for under $20 per bridesmaid!


  • A Personalized Friendship Bracelet This is a truly thoughtful gift your girls are sure to love! You can get these in gold or silver and engrave them with an inside joke, meaningful word or message for your favorite friends. These cost about $20 on Etsy!


No matter what you get your bridesmaids, they’re bound to love it. Don’t stress too much on what to get them as ultimately they are there to celebrate your big day. Be sure to get them something that shows your love and appreciation for all that they have done in preparation for the wedding and that will be enough.


Whatever you choose, make sure to include a note with your gift to each girl reminding them as to why you chose them to be a part of your big day and why they mean so much to you. This will ensure that your gift will be a hit and maybe even cause a few (happy) tears! Make sure to visit the Wedding Flea Market if you’re thinking of doing a DIY version of any of the above gifts for reduced pricing on decor and more!

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