7 Tips to Plan an Amazing Fall Wedding
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September 19, 2018
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7 Tips to Plan an Amazing Fall Wedding

Fall Decorations


If your dream has always been to get married in the crisp fall weather, hearing the autumn leaves crumble underneath your heels, then this blog post is for you. Fall isn’t just for the “basic” these days and even if you’re a pumpkin spice latte fan, we won’t judge you. If you love fall, then what a perfect time of year for you to get married! If you are looking for fall wedding ideas on a budget, you’ve come to the right place.


The weather has cooled off (no more worries about your makeup melting away!) and everyone is back in the swing of their everyday lives. There are so many gorgeous venues that offer breathtaking scenery for a rustic fall wedding and let’s not even get started on how beautiful your wedding photos will look with the multi-colored trees in the background!


If you’re thinking about planning a fall wedding, here are some tips and tricks that you should consider to make the most of the season, save money and wow your guests. Use these fall wedding ideas to create your picture-perfect fall wedding or to inspire new trends for your upcoming nuptials.


Seven tips that will help you plan a truly amazing and easy-on-the-budget fall wedding


Fall Wedding

1. Watch for seasonal and clearance sales – If you got engaged this summer and are planning a wedding for next fall, then you should be prepared to shop after this fall season. Watch stores for their post-season sales where you can get fall-themed items for up to 70% off. Stores like Michaels, often have great coupons that you can use along with their sales, so check online for coupons before you shop. By attending the winter and spring Wedding Flea Market events, you’ll be able to take advantage of the fall brides who are selling their fall-themed decor at a steep discount.

2. Plan for low centerpieces – Tall centerpieces can get costly. Guests aren’t always thrilled with these as it can make it hard to talk to other guests across the table. Photographers often dislike tall centerpieces as well because they make it difficult to photograph guests at their tables. Fall leaves, apples, small gourds and pumpkins can make for affordable and beautiful fall wedding centerpieces.



3. Opt for fall-friendly florals – Seasonal flowers and foliage are Wedding flowersa great way to go if you’re looking to save money. Fall brings so many textures and types of foliage to add to bouquets and flower arrangements that won’t break the bank. Wheat, pinecones, berries, and acorns are all great accent foliage pieces to add to floral arrangements or even to boutonnieres. If you’re looking to stick with fall wedding colors, jewel tones are perfect! Colors like plum, peacock blue, burgundy, navy, emerald green and mauve can be used to help you pick linens, flowers and more. If you want to stick to a more traditional fall color palette then stick with orange, yellow, red and brown. Make sure you’re sticking to seasonal blooms for your fall wedding flowers such as goldenrod, amaranthus, dahlias, garden roses, anemones, marigolds, sunflowers and protea.






4. Choose a signature cocktail instead of an open bar – There are so many great recipes for fall cocktails and an open bar filled with liquor can wreak havoc on your budget. A great fall recipe that speaks to both your and your fiance’s tastes can add a personal touch to your drink menu and help you save thousands. Why not have a fun date night with your fiance and try out different drink recipes at home? Some of our favorite fall cocktail recipes are Kentucky mulled cider, apple and pumpkin beer cocktailspumpkin pie sangria, and the maple old-fashioned.


Wedding Favor


5. Combine late night food and favors – If you’re having an outdoor wedding, there’s no better way to send your guests off than by offering a s’mores bar. Instead of giving a favor that will likely go unused, offer a “make your own s’mores” bar or a snack with to-go bags at the end of the night. Soft pretzels, popcorn and cookies (or an entire Pittsburgh cookie table) are all great snack options for your late night send-off. Cider donuts also make for great fall wedding favors! If you are going with homemade snack favors, you can even offer small recipe cards to make the snack later for your guests to take with them!




6. DIY fall decor – Make your own decor. Head over to Pinterest to look for DIY decoration ideas. Fall wedding decorations can come in so many shapes, textures, colors and forms. You can also take advantage of natural elements such as real autumn leaves, branches, pinecones, apples and pine tree branches to create something beautiful for your bar area and more. DIY fall wedding ideas can be found just about anywhere. Slices of wood are a great way to display your cake and centerpieces and can be purchased on a variety of websites. If you’re hosting your wedding outside, bales of hay are easy to get from just about any farmer in Pennsylvania and make for great rustic fall wedding decorations or seating during cocktail hour or the ceremony.


Wedding dessert

7. Go for a fall-themed dessert instead of a traditional cake – Wedding cakes can be very pricey. If you’re into doing something different that will be easy on your budget, opt for brownies, donuts or pies instead. A great fall-themed pie bar complete with apple, pumpkin and pecan pies can be a great way to satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth. Instead of the traditional “cake-cutting, you can have a dessert ready to “cut” when the time comes for it!


If you’re having a fall wedding, you picked a wonderful time to get married! The crisp autumn air and gorgeous foliage will make for a truly picturesque wedding. Autumn’s signature colors and spices lend themselves to creating a unique wedding experience that your guests will no doubt enjoy.


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