What is the Pittsburgh Wedding Flea Market?

The Wedding Flea Market is a unique resale event where newlyweds sell their leftover wedding items to those getting married. Newlyweds see a return on the large investment they just made and de-clutter their house full of items that will not be used again. Those getting married will be able to purchase decor and more for their upcoming weddings and get them at great prices. It is never the same event twice and there are usually many different wedding-themed items to choose from. We are the original and we are the largest!

Is this a bridal or wedding show? 
How often do you host an event?

No, we are a wedding resale event only. There are no wedding vendors or businesses. Unfortunately, we do not allow any businesses, wedding professionals, crafters, artisans, etc., to rent a space in our markets at this time. 

Locally, we host two large events a year, in the spring and fall at the Monroeville Convention Center. More events are being added for 2018.


What is involved to be a seller?

All it takes is a small fee to rent a space at one of our events and you are in! You receive a booth space, one covered rectangular table, and two chairs. You are responsible for pricing and setting up the look and feel of your space. Our events are very popular, so that means hundreds of people will be shopping! Price your items fairly - price them to move!

Do you take any profit from my sales?
How do I rent a booth space?

No, you keep 100% of your profit! We are not a consignment company. 

Once event links are active, you can sign up to be a seller. Please go to the event section for information and pricing.Booth and ticket purchases are non-refundable, unless the event is cancelled.


What items will be for sale?

Because there are new sellers at every event, items can vary. Rustic has been very popular recently, but there are many other themes and colors represented. Some items that are often for sale include: centerpieces, dresses, lanterns,  candles/votives, place card holders, signage, various vintage pieces, artificial flowers, and so much more. No two events are alike.

I hear that people wait in line to get into your events.  Do I have to arrive early to get in?

Our events are very popular, so shoppers often come early to wait in line. They want to beat the crowds to get inside sooner. Regardless of what time people arrive, everyone is guaranteed entry. We will be implementing some new changes soon. Also, we usually have a really great food truck available while you wait. Yes, we do take admission at the door- but it is additional. We recommend buying in advance. Our admission ticket link is always active on the day of the event in case you decide to attend last minute.