This serves as a binding contract between you and Wedding Flea Market LLC

Please read all information below before agreeing. It will also answer many of your questions. 


  • With each table purchased, you will receive a skirted 6 foot table covered with a linen and 2 chairs.
  • This smaller market is taking place at the DoubleTree By Hilton - Monroeville and not at the Monroeville Convention Center. If you have ever attended a previous market, the perimeters of your table space will not be like the markets at the Convention Center. There will be no pipe or drape and you will be closer to your fellow sellers. 
  • You must keep items within your space and you cannot extend into the aisles.  You cannot move your tables around. 

  • Please make sure you have enough space for your items, as the tables are only 6 feet long. Purchase additional tables if you feel that you will not have enough room. See a table example.

  • There is a shopper limit as this is a smaller market. There will be 150 early admission shoppers and 350 general admission shoppers.
  • The event is from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Early admission gets in at 11:30 a.m.; General Admission gets in at 12:00 p.m. If there are still shoppers at 2:00 p.m., you are free to stay to accommodate them. 
  • There are 2 rooms. We are forming two lines for per ticket type - so that traffic flows into both rooms equally.
  • Further information will be emailed to you prior to the event and will also be found on our seller guide.
  • You are required to sign up for a load in time and must adhere to the time you select. 
  • Tables assignments are done by us. Your assignment will be given to you at load-in. 
  • We do not provide any type of clothing racks.  
  • We do not provide carts or dollies. Since this event is at the hotel, we do not know if there will be any carts available. Please plan accordingly.   
  • You are permitted to bring up to 2 additional people to help you load/unload and to sit at your table with you. However, only 2 chairs are provided.
  • Neither you or your guests are permitted to shop prior to the start of the event. It is not fair to shoppers.
  •  Please be sure to type your email address correctly when purchasing this ticket.
  • Please add our email address to your contact list to keep our emails from going into your spam folder.
  • Wedding Flea Market LLC is not responsible for bad transactions, lack of sales (Don't price too high!), theft, poor attendance, inclement weather or any items left behind by a seller or a buyer. 
  • You receive 100% of the profit of your sales.
  • Items for sale must be new or gently used wedding items from your wedding or wedding-related event including your shower, bachelorette party, etc. No other types of items are permitted.  
  • Please note that many previous sellers have had difficulty in selling their dresses. Please keep that in mind before purchasing your space. 
  • You cannot be a business or side business, crafter, etc. of any kind! You cannot sell custom items that you make for profit. Items must be from your wedding-related event and cannot be items to make a profit for any kind of business or hobby. No solicitation or business card distribution is permitted. Violations of this policy will result in removal from the event.
  • You will be held liable for any damage to any provided items or spaces during the event. You are not allowed to staple, tape or adhere anything to the walls.  
  • You are expected to clean up your area before you leave.   
  • Photos/video of you, your space, your items may be taken during the event and will be used for marketing and advertising purposes. We would love to get photos/videos with you! :)
  • Fees are non-refundable, unless the event is cancelled. 
  • If you are unable to attend, please contact us as there may be someone on our waiting list who will purchase your table from you.   
  • Please do not contact the Doubletree for event-related questions. Please email us directly for any questions: info@weddingfleamarkets.com 
  • We recommend following/liking our Facebook page and following the Facebook event link. We update our them often with up-to-the-minute updates and announcements about the event. 

Thank you for your purchase! We truly value your business!