Winter Wedding Flea Market  - January 28, 2018  11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Doubletree By Hilton Hotel - Monroeville 101 Mall Blvd. Monroeville, PA 15146

Thank you for signing up to participate in the Winter Market!

I have created this seller guide so that you know what to expect and includes pointers for great success! I will continue to add to it in the coming weeks and leading up to the event, so please check it periodically.

Check out the tips below! 

A copy of the terms and conditions you agreed to upon purchase can be found here.

Please email us for any questions. 


Please make sure that our emails are not going into your spam. We will be sending 1 -2 emails to keep you in the know, but will also put info here on this guide. 


We are now implementing a required sign-up sheet for load-in times. You must adhere to the time you select. This keeps everything more seamless and easier for everyone. There will be Saturday load-in available but only one of the two rooms will be available on Saturday. When you purchased your space, you should have selected the day preference. More details are coming soon, so please keep an eye on this page.

The market will be open to VIP shoppers at 11:30. You must be ready. There will be 150 VIP shoppers who will be let in a half hour before the 350 general admission shoppers. 



   Example of your 6 foot table for 2018 Winter Market
  • This smaller market is taking place at the DoubleTree By Hilton - Monroeville and not at the Monroeville Convention Center. If you have ever attended a previous market, the perimeters of your table space will not be like the markets at the Convention Center. There will be no pipe or drape and you will be closer to your fellow sellers. 

    Please make sure you have enough space for your items, as the tables are only 6 feet long. 

    All your items must be contained within your space.  You may organize your booth space to your liking, however, nothing can be extended into the aisles for safety and security reasons. There is only so much space for shopper traffic. You also run the risk of damage or possible theft. You cannot move your tables in or out as it will affect the aisle.


  • We do not provide any type of clothing racks.


  • We do not provide carts or dollies. Since this event is at the hotel, we do not know if there will be any carts available. Please plan accordingly. 


  • Most sellers have had a lot of difficulty selling any type of dress. Please keep that in mind.


  • Most of the shoppers will be using cash for purchases.  Come prepared with a lot of small change, depending upon the pricing of your items.  We will not be able to provide any change for you during the event.  An ATM should be available at the hotel. 


  • We are not responsible for any bad checks or bad credit card transactions, should you choose to use to accept those payment methods.


  •  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


  • Some shoppers may purchase from you and then ask to leave purchases to finish shopping. If you do let them do this, please get their phone number in case they leave without their purchases. We are not responsible for items left behind. 


  • You are not permitted to tape, staple, tie, tack or otherwise anything to the walls.   


  • There is no electrical hook up available.


  • You must clean up your space before leaving the event.  


  • We reserve the right to take photos of your display and of you for marketing purposes. :-)


  • If you are unable to attend, please contact us as there may be someone on our waiting list who will purchase your table from you. 


  • Please do not contact the Doubletree Hotel for event questions. Please email us for any questions.





  • Price fairly. Price fairly. Price fairly. We cannot stress this enough. Please remember that this a wedding item resale. Shoppers are expecting deals and savings.  Pricing too high WILL affect your sales. One of the biggest complaints in shopper feedback is that pricing was too high and as much as retail. Sellers with deals usually sell out much more quickly. 


  • Be willing to negotiate.


  • Consider offering package deals for your items. You could sell very quickly and the shopper will have their wedding decor in one shot!


  • As the day progresses and you haven’t been able to sell your items, consider cutting the pricing down further.  


Be creative and display your items in an attractive way.  Stagger items according to height.  
Be sure your items are clean, dust-free, stain-free and undamaged.  
Mark your items clearly with prices.  Bright, colored, super sticky Post-It notes work great or create a list of items and prices to display. You could also make signs with item descriptions.
Bring pictures of your items in action! It gives the shopper a visual.

  • Buyers are encouraged to use cash for purchases.  However, you can use other methods of payments at your own risk.  Bring change such as $10’s, $5’s and $1’s.  


  • Know how much cash you start with so that you know your profit at the end of the day. 


  • Bring a calculator, notepad, pens, tape measure, extra pricing stickers, tape, newspaper or bubble wrap (to wrap items).  Bring shopping bags and boxes so that your customer can transport their items.



If you don't wish to haul your unsold items home after the event and want to put them to good use, the Pittsburgh Center For Creative Reuse will be at the event and will be able to take some items from you. They choose what they take and won’t be able to take it all. There is also a Goodwill store less than one mile from the venue where you can take your items right after the event.