The Facebook Buying and Selling Group

Our wedding flea market concept originated with the buy and sell group on Facebook before the events came to be. The group's vision has always been for individuals to buy and to sell their leftover wedding items only. We are not a business-to-consumer group, nor are we a wedding vendor promotion group. However, there is a place for vendors. Please read the information below under business policy and vendor recommendations. The Pittsburgh Wedding Flea Market group page is located here

Posting Format and Guidelines

We have guidelines and rules to ensure the best possible experience for buying and selling individually.  If posts are not done correctly, they will not be approved and promptly deleted. We reserve the right to reject a post that we feel is not relevant to the group.

  The post above is in the correct format. Note that this seller posted all of her items in one post, described and provided pictures and prices for each item.

The post above is in the correct format. Note that this seller posted all of her items in one post, described and provided pictures and prices for each item.

When posting items for sale, all items must have location, description, price and picture.

Use the Sell Something option. Even though it says optional, description is required in our group. 

Selling a lot of items? PLEASE put multiple items into one-two posts. Doing this makes it fair to other sellers who have less items in the feed. 

Don’t create duplicate posts of the same item(s).  Delete the post and create another, more updated post. Duplicates will be deleted.

Looking for specific items? Please check the search bar, sale tab or photos tab first. Chances are that someone is already selling what you are asking for. If you do ask, please use the Start Discussion option. Looking for a vendor? Look below for information on those guidelines.

You may post wedding-related questions. Please check the search bar first before asking your questions. Many people are asking the same questions. If you do not find your question already in the feed and want to ask something, please use the Start Discussion option.

We will not approve or allow unique posts or promotions regarding any other Facebook groups or sale pages, other wedding markets, wedding pages, business pages/websites, including any other wedding events or sales of any kind.

You cannot post links to Craigslist, Ebay, Offer Up, or any other shopping website. You must create a direct post in our group. 

You are not permitted to sell: gift certificates, bridal show tickets, vendor vouchers, home décor, non-wedding items, clothes that are not wedding or event-related. 

Go Fund Me requests or posts asking for votes in a contest are not allowed. 

Business posting policy

The wedding flea market group is meant for sales and discussions only. 

No business of any kind is permitted to submit a post to the group, business page or event links. This includes, but not limited to: wedding or non-wedding vendors, hobbyists, new businesses, side businesses, closing businesses, rental services, crafters, Etsy shops, those who offer customization, personalization, add-ons, Ebay shops, bridal shops and wedding dress businesses, service businesses, any home-based direct sales businesses. Those who cut wooden slabs and the like for others is considered as a business. If your items are made to order, you are considered a business. 

Please join our vendor group. You can interact with brides, answer ISO (in search of) posts. You can create a single ad post. If you have a special going on, you can post that. But duplicate posts of your ad will be deleted. No MLM, direct sales posts are permitted. 

Vendor recommendations and guidelines

Please use the search field before posting, as these ISO posts will get repetitive very quickly.
If they are the same exact ISO, there may be times that we tag you in them and delete your pending.

Try to refrain from just asking for who’s available. Reach out to them personally! If you want vendors to come to you, please use our vendor group or Wedding Wire for this.

Keep in mind that vendors will also answer your ISO posts -- unless you say otherwise when creating your post.
Please DO YOUR RESEARCH when shopping for vendors!! This is your wedding! Do your homework to ensure you find the vendors that are right for you.

**You buy, sell and hire at your own risk! What you put on social media - you do so at your own risk!**

You have a right to your opinion. But please be very careful how you discuss negative vendor (and client) experiences and interactions. There could be legal consequences by the other party.

Be mature. Do not name call. Do NOT make false statements. This includes in personal messages too. Be ready to back up those statements. That also goes for the vendor, too.

If you have an issue with a vendor, please work it out with them off social media!

I recommend Googling information regarding reviews, defamation and legal rights for both vendor and client.

The owner of the group and its admins are NOT in any way responsible and cannot be held liable for any sour deals, bad transactions of any kind, broken contracts, bad service, defamation claims, etc.

We are not the authors. We didn't write it. What you put on social media is YOUR responsibility as the author.

We do not - and will not - get involved in any disputes, nor take sides. It is between the two concerning parties.

If a crime has been committed or a life-threatening situation is occurring, let us know AND report that post or response to the post to Facebook.

What you put out there is your responsibility. Be a responsible member - no matter what your role is.


Responsibilities and Legalities


Facebook, the Administrators and the site owners are NOT, in any way, held responsible for bad transactions, issues amongst sellers/buyers/vendors, no-show buyers, items not described accurately, unfair pricing, etc. The views and opinions of the members of the site do not reflect the views or opinions of the PWFM in any way. You access and use this site at your own risk. However, we do make every effort to keep this site accurate, friendly and fair. 


    Please take the same common sense precautions online as you would offline. When meeting someone to exchange money for merchandise, please remember to: 

    • Insist on a public meeting place like a cafe or shopping center that is well lit and used frequently. 
    • Do not meet in a secluded place, or invite strangers into your home. 
    • Tell a friend or family member where you're going and/or have them accompany you. 
    • Take your cell phone and have it out to use in a hurry. 
    • Always trust your instincts. 

    If you have been scammed out of money via Paypal or similar online payment method, please call your local authorities. If you see anything inappropriate on the page, i.e. any kind of spam, viruses, porn links, etc., do NOT click on them or respond to their post. Please notify us immediately so that we can take the appropriate action as necessary.

    Your responsibilities as a member. 

    • Follow the rules and guidelines
    • No bullying or harassing will be tolerated! Doing so can result in your removal from the group or banned altogether. 
    • Be mature, courteous, sensible, ethical, fair, and use caution and be courteous in buying and selling. 
    • No unsolicited personal messaging whatsoever to any member about a business, event, group, bridal show or sale is permitted. 
    • Blocking admins will result in being banned. No exceptions.


    Please use proper etiquette and manners when selling and when buying. Below are suggestions for a smooth buying and selling experience. We will not get in the middle of issues and disagreements between buyer and seller.

    • Be sure to check your personal messages and message requests from prospective buyers. 
    • Check your post for responses, as potential buyers may have questions. Be prompt in communication. Don't leave people hanging.
    • Please go in line with first-come, first-served, unless you specify no holds in your post.
    • If you can't work it out a price/sale, tell them and move on to the next.
    • If you do not get the price you want, or if the item won't work for you, let them know immediately so that they can go onto the next interested party.
    • Don't step over the first buyer present in line.
    • Please do not go into someone else's ISO post asking for these things yourself. If you need these things, please post your own ISO. If you already did, bump it.
    • Do not comment you have the same item on another persons selling post. Not only is it rude, but you are interfering with or ruining a sale.
    • Please do not go into someone's sale post telling prospective buyers where to find it elsewhere.
    • Make sure posts are easy to understand.
    • Be fair in negotiations.
    • Please do not harass for your sale or buy. If they say no, accept it and move on.
    • Communication between buyer and seller is recommended via PM for pick up arrangements.
    • Do not make fun of someone for an item they post.
    • Keep drama out of the group and be mature