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Creating Floral Monogram Letters

Have you ever thought about creating your own wedding decor? If not, you should watch our video to see just how easy it is. It’s a great way to cut down on the cost of your wedding decor. As if either of those reasons aren’t enough, it’s a great way to bond with your bridesmaids and mom before the wedding!

These monogram letters are gorgeous, easy to create and can add a chic personal touch to your wedding decor in no time! We’d like to thank our friends at Hobby Prodigy for appearing in our video to help us make these lovely letters.

Floral Monogram Letter MaterialsFirst, you need to gather your materials, you’ll need:

  • 12 inch Paper Mache Letters
  • An Assortment of Artificial Flowers
  • An Exacto Knife or Pair of Scissors
  • A Glue Gun (And Glue Sticks)

Here are the steps to our video on how to create your own monogram floral letters:

  1. Cut off and remove the top layer of the paper mache of the letter.
  2. Cut the artificial flowers at the base and glue them into place.
  3. Make sure you that you let the letters with flowers dry for at least a few hours before picking them up and moving them to allow for the glue and flowers to set.


If you’re looking to save money, this is a great way to cut down on the costs of having these letters made with fresh flowers by a florist. Not only are fresh flowers more costly on their own but the labor and time that it will take your florist to create these will cost you as well. We’ve broken down the cost of our letters for you so that you can see just how inexpensive they are!


The Cost Breakdown:

Cost to have a florist create a set of monogram letters for you: Approximately $200

We went to our local craft store, Pat Catan’s to purchase our supplies. We bought 17 bunches for three letters and we had a ton left over.

Each “bunch” cost between $1 – $3.59 each.

Paper mache letter (1): $3.59

Flowers to fill one letter: Under $13.15

All three letters cost only $50.23!

Total cost per letter: Approximately $16.74

Here are a Few Places You Can Display These During Your Wedding:


  • As a centerpiece or as decor at the head table
  • To welcome guests into your cocktail hour, reception or ceremony space
  • On or around your bar area as decor
  • On or around your altar area


And these need not only be created for a wedding! If you’re a maid or matron of honor in a friend’s wedding and you’d like to make these to celebrate the bride at her bridal shower, these would be for a super cute and unique decoration. You could also make these as decor for a friend’s upcoming baby shower! You don’t need to be a crafty person to create these, if you can cut a straight line and use a hot glue gun, you’re set!


Cheap DIY Floral Monogram

If you have any questions on how we created these letters, visit us on Facebook. Or go to Instagram using the hashtag #WFMDIY to show other brides what you’ve made, share photos with us of you and your friends creating these letters or to get ideas on other decor for your upcoming wedding!

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