Jodi Colella

Welcome to our beginning...

 Just like you, the founder of the Wedding Flea Market, Jodi Colella, started out as a bride. Soon after, Jodi launched a multi-service wedding business.

In 2006, Jodi married the love of her life. Soon after, she launched a multi-service wedding business that included wedding/event planning, DJ services and invitations. In 2012, she closed the business and was left with numerous wedding items that she would not need again. She went to Facebook to find a wedding-centric buy/sell group and was shocked to find that no platform existed, specifically for this purpose. She decided to create a local group where brides and newlyweds could buy and sell directly to each other.

As the local group rapidly grew, Jodi noticed that buyers and sellers had to meet in various places and times, especially if the seller had multiple items. There were times when potential buyers backed out or would not show up. She recognized these inconveniences and in January 2015, she organized the first ever wedding flea market where they could buy and sell under one roof. The wedding flea market concept was born and are popping up all over the country. 


The expansion of the Wedding Flea Market has allowed Jodi to truly fulfill her mission to help newlyweds and those getting married to buy and sell gently used wedding items.  Her effort has allowed thousands of couples to get amazing deals and then make some money back on their weddings.

Although Jodi is a Pittsburgh native, she hopes to use this concept to help couples across the nation create budget-friendly dream weddings. She loves to see how her dream has resulted savings and success for thousands of people.